The Year of the Rooster will be a powerful one!

Impressions count so having a good appearance and looking your best is important.  Also, togetherness is a unifying wave this year.  People are more heart centered and show little acts of kindness and love to everyone around them.

In a rooster year, the motivation for the rooster to roost (work on finances, health, relationships) and take care of his barnyard (family, friends), the greater his life will be!

Sharing feels better than hoarding in a rooster year.

Love and nurture things that motivate, inspire and sustain you.

Loyalty, commitment and hard work are some of the rooster traits.

Your heart leads the way this year, share your feelings and ask others to share theirs too.

Roosters greet every day with elegance, strength and vibrancy.

Feng Shui is about balance, flow, energy in your life and in your home.

Happy New Year Everyone!