Through Feng Shui


I will inspire & motivate positive change in your life.

A Holistic Approach

Create balance in all aspects of your life.

Want to attract more wealth & prosperity?

Many of my clients have experienced more prosperity in their life after a Feng Shui consult.

Want more love and happiness?

Happiness is the goal of Feng Shui. I’ve been there…Read my journey to find love and happiness.

Want to sell your home quickly, easily and with less stress?

Let me show you how to attract the perfect buyer.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

Here’s what Shane had to say:  
“After trying to sell our home without the desired results, we decided to call Gail to help with the Feng Shui.  Within a few days of the transformation, we found the perfect buyer for our home.  Thank you Gail so much for your help.”

 Here’s what Shannon had to say:
Shortly after my session with Gail, I became excited to make the changes she suggested right away.  Within a few short months, my business began to flourish!  Thanks Gail for your suggestions and your gift!

Here’s what Saira had to say:
My main intention was to improve the love quadrant of my home and I will attest, it did the trick!  I would highly recommend Gail’s services to anyone who wants to improve the energy and balance in their relationships and life.