February 8 starts the year of the Fire Monkey, are you ready for action?  The past year of the Sheep has been a slower, more inward focused year and now you can put all the plans and goals you made last year into action this year.  Learning from our past mistakes and using our new plans and goals to propel us forward this year will help to decrease stress and anxiety.  A monkey’s life is full of freedom, excitement and sometimes too much play!

Monkeys do understand work and getting down to business as they are one of the most intelligent signs of the Chinese Zodiac.  They are very independent and do what’s best for themselves even though others may not agree.

The fire monkey has a big heart and is always willing to share.  Gratitude and sharing is the key to a happier, healthier life says the monkey.

This year will propel you to manage your finances better and sticking to a budget or plan will bring you success.

The fire monkey also loves to socialize and being around people that make you happy will boost your chi energy.  Monkeys also like to solves problems with their hands so adding creativity keeps all things balanced in your life.

Monkey energy can be impatient and a good reminder to be patient especially to family and friends so they will support you when you need it.

The yang energy of this year fires us up but we need to slow down sometimes and keep balanced by doing yoga or meditation.  This will keep us focused, grounded and able to think clearly.  Yin and Yang energy is balanced when the busy time and quiet time is equal.

“Carpe Diem” – seize the day as the monkey says and does.

Have a great year and remember to invigorate yourself by being in nature just like a monkey!