Our surroundings are influenced by our spaces, thoughts and well being.

Here are some simple tips when travelling this summer to enhance your home away from home!

  1. Be sure to air out the room before you go to sleep.
  2. Choose a room away from elevators, vending machines and bar and street noise.
  3. Cell phones should be kept at least 5 feet away from you at night.
  4. Unplug all unnecessary electricals at night including alarm clocks. This eliminates energy loads near the bed while you are sleeping.
  5. Use a favorite scarf to cover the television in the room at night.
  6. If working at a des in the room, position the chair so your back is against a solid wall and you can see the door. This keeps you in control!
  7. If you can bring a small jade plant in the room to add some nature and help you to feel grounded.
  8. Bring your favorite music to play. This attracts good vibrations and clears previous guest energies.